Ecologically sound

Our responsibilty

We are committed tob ein a sustainable enterprise and accept responsibility for future generations. Which is why we have set ourselves the task of generating our profits in an environmentally friendly way. This meansnot just talking the talk, but also walking the walk: We conserve the earth’s climate and resources through:

Efficient production methods

Cutting-edge waste water and waste management and recycling

Increasing the proportion of eco-friendly products

Measures to reduce energy consumption and emissions

Regular training about the sustainable handling of our products

Projects for greater biodiversity



Small cloths! Big impact!

In production, we used to use rags for cleaning, all kinds of old clothes, towels etc. After use, the rags were disposed of and could not be used again. This system was replaced by MEWA‘s cloth leasing service.

Using this service we now receive cleaning cloths, which are picked up after use and specially cleaned. These cleaning cloths can be used several times as they are extremely robust.

In addition to the high reusability, we achieve great advantages in terms of occupational safety (due to the shape and design, hooking in machines is hardly possible) and industrial hygiene (risk of germination minimised). The production is 100% Made in Germany and the cleaning takes place under strict environmental regulations.

Fully automated in the future

At Schulz, our products are produced using the world’s most advanced production plant for architectural paints, the “modular paint factory (MoFa)”. The MoFa is the centerpiece of our production machinery and enables flexible, cost-effective and environmentally friendly production.

Commissioning the MoFa meant that production also became easier for our employees. It eliminated the heavy muscle work involved in transporting raw material bags and significantly reduced dust exposure in production. The profound automation drastically improves the occupational health and safety for our employees.

Powdered raw materials were processed in a closed system, which eliminated any dust formation in the work area. Ecologically, we also made a significant step forward: Compared with conventional dissolver plants, 20% less water is needed to clean the plant and material is used much more efficiently. The number of batches tob e produced has reduced by a factor of 5 as well as the number of interim cleaning processes.

Recycled! Recycling in detail

Up to 93% – this figure speaks for itself. The disposal, preparation and melting of used tinplate is so effective that it achieves the highest recycling rate of any packaging material. For comparison: this proportion is about 60% for plastic. Tinplate, therefore, already exceeds the recycling targets of Germany and the EU.

As we are convinced of the enormous possibilities of recycling this material, we want to continually increase the percentage of tinplate packaging in our range. We actively promotes a sustainable circular economy.

Thanks to its high stacking strength, tinplate packaging can be safely stored and transported throughout the year and at any temperature. That saves space and reduces transportation, which in turn actively saves CO2. Due to its high breaking strength and puncture resistance, transportation is also straightforward and requires no secondary packaging, which again prevents waste. Tinplate also increases the service life of our products: Environmental influences such as humidity, oxygen or light, which could affect the quality of the filled products, are reliably kept at bay. As a result, by using tinplate we avoid our products getting damaged and requiring disposal.