Economically valuable

Keeping the future in view

We stand by our convictions and want to do more than just talk about sustainability, we also want to act sustainably. This is why Schulz is investing in expanding and intensifying its sustainability efforts.

In the past two years, Schulz has invested more than €150,000 in training and further training its employees.

In 2020, the company made a major investment in the field of occupational health and safety. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we made various investments: masks and personal protective equipment, air cleaning concepts in break rooms, free rapid tests, Covid bonuses.



Occupational health and safety was also drastically increased as a result of extensive investments in production.

In addition to these investments, we also significantly increased our participation in offers made by the chemical industry association³ and plan to extend our association work.

To ensure the high quality of our products and keep a constant eye on the requirements of our customers, Schulz is involved in extensive auditing, which are performed by independent testing institutes as well as the TÜV.



Providing transparent, responsible, and consumerfriendly product information for our customers is a matter particularly close to our hearts.

We also, of course, need to implement and observe increasingly stringent regulations. As a result of progressively advancing digitalization, we are also faced with more and more new technical challenges in the field of data processing and structures. In the past year, Schulz therefore decided to introduce a PIM system (PIM = product information management), which will standardize and centrally administer all the relevant product communication and information.

To make work easier, it will also be possible in the future, to input technical data sheets and labels via an interface. At a later project phase we will also endeavor to also integrate further print media, the website/online shop and further customer-relevant product data in the system.

An ERP interface will ensure that information is regularly synchronized in the product information system. Despite there being several thousand individual data entries, this system will ensure the product information is comprehensive and transparent. Furthermore, the system will provide efficient and evidence-based workflows, which will crucially improve our workflows in terms of quality management.