Services & Process Model

Our customers’ requirements and requests are as specific and different as they are themselves.

There is no work instruction, fixed series of steps or approach in our work, according to which we work out solutions and fulfill customer requirements in due time. Yet we feel most comfortable precisely in this Position.

The stimulus to constantly meet our own challenges strengthens us and has made us what we are today: Experts in the area of management, development and marketing of retail brands!

By means of a simplified, exemplary description of our services, we would nonetheless like to give you an overview in what way we fulfill your requests as part of our work:

Color concept development with magazines, color samples and real patterns

Situation analysis

Market potential, market development, opportunities and risks as well as the presence of the competition – the painstaking registration and assessment of these and many other conditions are a few of the essential components of a comprehensive situation analysis.


Taking the customer profile into account, we focus on the planning of the overall concept. Apart from a well thought-out product line planning, we benefit from longstanding empirical values as “service provider” in the DIY trade area as part of subsequent marketing plans.

Two persons are working out a marketing concept on a project wall

Marketing strategy

After extensively analyzing the market situation, the marketing exactly defines our objectives, budgets additional measures and starts with the detailed product-related planning.

Product development

So we can offer you what you deserve, we guarantee you top quality that has received many awards under professional processing of first-class raw materials. To maintain this standard, a practiced combination of laboratory and application technology is needed. Why? Because we live with color!

Simulated Store Concept

Store design

Because excellent products deserve the corresponding marketing! As POS expert, we know what moves people to purchase in addition to the qualitative content of containers and cans. We will gladly embrace your expectations with regard to the creation and production of sales-promoting elements such as brochures or flyers.


Are you satisfied with what you are looking at? What approaches will be pursued in the future? To enrich your expectations and suggestions with our designs and ideas, we maintain regular contact – because your objective of strengthening your market position and developing new target groups is ours too.


Thanks to our most advanced filling facilities and technical equipment that give our processes an additional efficiency advantage, we can meet your needs not only quickly, but flexibly as well.

Forklift driving trough the aisles of the warehouse

Logistic & fulfillment

Schulz and logistics? We offer more than just pure “standards” – because we supplement standard logistical services exactly geared to the requirements of your supply chain to develop an optimal logistical solution together with you.

Customer in front of a paint shelf holding a tinting card


In order not to divert your attention from your core business, we regard it as our duty to support and guarantee an easy rollout of your products in your branches on time.

analyzing charts and diagrams

Monitoring & scrutinizing

So we can continue to grow and steadily improve processes, weak points must be found, scrutinized and the processes responsible for them optimized. Every collected information is not considered and recorded as such but serves in the long term as guide for joint success.