Product Groups

Living room painted with colorful paint

Interior dispersions

More than always just standard

Each paint order is different and comes with individual requirements. In addition to a good covering capacity and wet abrasion class, interior dispersions must also meet other criteria. Thus, apart from optimal processing quality, the effects on health also play an important role. For people who are sensitive to environmental influences, we have included not only low-emission but also preservative-free paints in our portfolio.

Fence with new painting

Varnishes & glazes

The perfect finish for wood & metal

Undercoats are exposed to many stresses and need varied maintenance. Our varnish and glaze products perfectly matched to one another ensure special protection against premature wear, both in interiors and exteriors. In this, we attach special importance to perfectly matched water-based qualities that know how to score with low pollution burden and good test ratings.

Primed walls in grey and white


Thorough preparation

If a coating is to be really good,, great importance should be attached to optimal undercoat preparation and the right processing technique. Our primers create ideal conditions for a good painting result. They penetrate deeply into the undercoat and allow uniform surfaces of permanent quality to be created for subsequent coatings.

Bedroom with light plaster

Plasters & putty

Designing with structure

The varied grain sizes and processing techniques of our varied textured plasters allow the creation of creative and decorative wall designs while guaranteeing an individual surface appearance. Thanks to their many different areas of application and colored gradation, our plasters contribute to distinctive interior and exterior views.

House with colourful walls

Facade paints

Protecting external values securely

Exterior walls are unconditionally exposed to any weather conditions and are thus at risk of attack and damage by ugly microorganisms (e.g. mold, etc.). So we can offer highly efficient façade paints with innovative properties, our in-house Development Department relies on new research and technologies. With this know-how, we can guarantee you dry and pretty façades in the long term.

Living room with plastered wall

Creative products

Setting the scene effectively

Our creative products guarantee more than just a “fresh coat of paint” because they are special effect paints and creative plasters. Brilliant metallic and glitter effects are not merely “up to date” but give any room an effective ambience – regardless whether it is in the stylish penthouse apartment or in the traditional single-family house.

Garage with grey floor

Floor coatings

For a good appearance

Extreme demands are made to floor coatings. Our special dispersion paints reliably protect your floors, prevent fast wear, impress with their very good technical surface structure and are easy to handle. Even the colorful shading of our floor coatings or special surface designs make it possible to add visual highlights.

Additives in small glasses with Schulz label

Dilutions & auxiliary materials

Important during processing

Protection, durability and good processing quality characterize our paints and varnishes. However, sometimes dilutions and auxiliary materials are necessary to ensure good processing consistency.