Social & Dedicated

For us, accepting social responsibility for our fellow humans and future generations means setting an example! We see ourselves as an authentic employer, with heart and tradition, who puts the focus on their employees and future employees. Healthy and motivated employees who “live” their field of work are our biggest asset and the key factor behind the success of our company. For this reason, we support our staff, train young talent from within our ranks and provide every one of our employees with a safe and modern work environment and production site. This is how we secure the future and prospects of our company in the long term.


Occupational health and safety

As a result of a transparent and proactive “Covid management” and appropriate early measures, we were able to keep the case numbers in the company at a very low level, thereby maximizing occupational health and safety for our employees and ensuring a safe workflow. We were also able to offer all employees vaccination promptly and at the same time, which was well received. Regular hazard identification and risk assessment in conjunction with heavy investment in occupational safety measures for our staff in production, warehouse, logistics and administration aims to prevent accidents at work and harm to health as far as possible.

Concrete measures in this area include a comprehensive migration to closed production systems and the associated reduction in dust pollution and the risk of accident, introducing a vacuum tube lifter to reduce back strain, placing aerosol air purifiers in the common rooms, providing prescription glasses for work and much more. We conduct regular training on occupational safety (fire prevention, first aid, safe loading, hazardous goods etc.). As part of this we largely use TÜV-certified health & safety software as our online training system. This increases the accessibility to information and optimizes transparency and traceability for all participants!



Product Responsibility

Detailed product information and strict compliance with regulatory requirements provide transparency and assurance to consumers of our products. Training and workshops (also online) for our customers helps us ensure the safe and competent use of our products. As a result, material is used efficiently, the waste volume reduced, and the environment protected. We are pushing ahead with the manufacture of preservative-free wall paint and are constantly increasing the proportion of lowemission waterborne coatings in our total production volume. This ensures the future sustainability of our product range.

Social commitment

In our social commitment, we focus especially on projects in which we can apply our specialist expertise. We are happy to provide regular donations of paint and coatings to schools, kindergartens, hospices, and other social organizations. Our team has also actively helped with renovations. As a long-standing partner of several local sports clubs and athletes, we help to promote sport and a healthy lifestyle at elite level and in the younger generation.