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Tinting Technology

Our paint mixing facilities are some of the best in the market

In their markets, our customers advertise with a color shade selection of over 1 million different color shade formulations. So our trade partners can also keep this promise, we offer an attractive and individualized price-performance ratio in the area of paint mixing technology. Our paint worlds are the result of tailor-made product qualities and paste systems.

Our microbiology team works on the addition of microorganisms that give the various coatings special properties such as longer shelf life or comprehensive protection against fungi or algae.

Our computerized state-of-the-art tinting technologies (paint mixing facilities, agitators and paint measurement instruments) are optimally laid out for mixing formulated color shade requests on-site and saving the customer-specific color shades. In this way, an already mixed color shade can be reordered later at any time, regardless whether it is related to interior or exterior dispersions, varnishes and glazes or plasters.

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Reliable all-round service

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At our Langenlonsheim headquarters, our technical service is responsible for repairing, programming and servicing our mixing facilities. The latter is made possible at any time through an online connection, so that we can support you quickly and flexibly when you update your point of sale.

Moreover, we offer regular training sessions to our trade partners so they can keep their staff up to date with regard to “colorimetry”. Needless to say, if unforeseen operational failures or issues occur, we won’t leave you in the lurch! Our technical service is always ready to assist you via hotline and with personal on-site support.

Over 1 million color shade formulations

Customized product qualities and paste systems

Optimized tinting technology for your POS

Sales promotion at all levels: training sessions and technical support