Why CSR?

If you wish to practice sustainability efficiently, you need to take targeted action. For this reason, at Schulz we decided to develop a sustainability strategy, which is based on the CSR (corporate social responsibility) approach and supports us to implement sustainability holistically and economically. At the heart of this strategy: Our employees!


Active support from all departments

In 2019 we set up a team that organizes, professionally supports, and handles all matters relating to sustainability. This CSR team is made up of managers and employees from various specialized departments who represent the various departments with their specialist knowledge and own perspectives. Working together in an interdisciplinary team brings to light relevant issues that need to be changed and these are worked on collaboratively. However, Schulz also works dynamically on sustainable transformation outside of the CSR team. In this way, each and every one of our employees can contribute ideas and suggestions for the CSR team at any time. This produces a well-founded approach that everyone supports and which really works.

CSR on a daily basis

But what exactly does our CSR team do? The main task of the team is to conduct workshops and analyses and, in collaboration with the relevant departments, determine specific measures to implement greater sustainability in the company. In addition, the team publishes the latest information via the company’s own channels about environmental protection or amended legal requirements and provides workshops on current topics such as human rights or supply chains. Besides their specific activities within the team, each team member acts as a type of “sustainability ambassador”, raising awareness of CSR and helping to embed sustainability in the company.

We are an active entrepreneur family with a tradition going back more than 55 years. A family who acts responsibly and manages with foresight and with a long-term view. Respect for every individual is central to our cooperation with each other. Together we ensure that the economic success of our company is sustainably assured.

Michael Schulz, Management

A team for the team!

Acting in a sustainable way and with a sense of responsibility for the environment and your surroundings is not down to a single person. Industrial manufacturers in the chemical industry like us have both a huge responsibility and the power to change things and drive them forward. This motivates me and I am happy to address these topics in the team.

Andreas, Marketing / CSR project management

Through my work in the CSR team I can make a contribution on a daily basis. Every day I am asked to challenge myself and critically scrutinize my actions for the company. I very much welcome the fact that Schulz tackles this topic holistically with a long-term view. Especially with regard to legal requirements (supply chain law, CO2 balance, climate protection law etc.), Schulz is constantly facing new challenges.

Christian, Training / CSR project management

I believe it is important to accept social and ecological responsibility within and for the company, beyond the present legal regulations. Along with your personal attitude, I am convinced that we will generate a competitive advantage with this commendable behavior.

Torsten, Supply chain / CSR project management

We are already feeling the effects of climate change and everyone should do their bit to help better protect the environment. CSR at work provides a tool that can help to decrease/reduce the CO2 or ecological footprint.

Tham, Accounts

We already need to think about tomorrow, today. At present, not all end consumers are willing to pay more for sustainability, but that will change. The time will come when customers will demand it and I expect our company to have a competitive advantage as a result of its consistent CSR focus. It will bring us future security.

Michael, Laboratory

Companies that manage to keep their finger on the “CSR pulse” and implement this strategy, will possess the crucial competitive advantage of the future.

Luisa, BA student

A good CSR strategy helps to find and retain employees. This is particularly important for us as human resources department, because there is a real shortage of skilled workers at the moment. I am convinced that those who treat people, the environment and resorces with respect both internally and externally will gain the trust of potential professionals.

Nicole, HR manager

A consistent shift in our awareness of our environment and fellow humans is more important than ever. Everyone can make their contribution whether in private or at work. For Schulz, it is an excellent opportunity to set an example and to contribute to the future.

Vladimir, Warehouse logistics

Each of us can help. On a small or large scale. To be able to act sustainably, we also need to think sustainably. Being able to change things that will positively impact the future is a great motivation. Even if we have to put in a little extra work for it. In the end it’s worth it and we all benefit.

Patrick, Graphic design

I have worked in the renewable energy field for many years and there of course, you always had corporate social responsibility activities at the forefront of your mind. In the long term, it’s not only society, but the entire Schulz team that benefits from a company that acts more sustainably.

Jens, Production

We are all in the same boat where our future is concerned. There is only one earth and time is short. If you consider the next generations (our children and grandchildren), we are responsible for the way their future will be. Everyone therefore has a major and decisive influence on the diminishing availability of natural resources and can work to counteract this by their consumer behavior or action. I would like to play my part as well.

Patric, Back office

Further sustainability issues